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"Treats for Adults in Treatment"

Mandee's Lunchbox


Mandee's Lunchbox is a nonprofit

in loving memory of

Amanda Faidley Layton who lost

her courageous battle to cancer.

While fighting this disease she wanted

to help others adults  when she won her battle ....

Her family and friends are making that

wish a reality.

Mandee Logo.png

Mandees Lunchbox has brightened
over 2,000  life's.

It is an honor and a privilege  keeping

Amanda's spirit and dream to help others 

What Mandee's Lunchbox is all about...

Gift Cards for Cancer Patients 

On July 17th, 2018 we lost our beautiful daughter / sister / wife to cancer. All through her battle Amanda had talked about how we could help people in the future going through the same battle. She wanted to help adults like herself. When Amanda passed away her mother and siblings talked about what we could do to make her dream happen. We wanted it to be personal, something that would scream "Amanda". We talked about how expensive cancer is, not just the hospitals and treatments but the travel, hotels and the food. Before Amanda would go in for her treatments she would love to pick up a coffee and doughnut, a taco or any other thing she had a taste for. We said wouldn't it be nice to get gift cards that patients could get a treat, or treat a care taker or family memeber,  without digging into their wallets. Amanda was an avid tin lunch box collector, the top of her kitchen cabinets held over 80 boxes. Her youngest sister looked up and said why don't we call it "Mandee's Lunchbox". So the idea was born. We send tiny tin lunch boxes with $50 in restaurant gift cards to hospitals, treatment centers and indiviuals to be given to adults battling cancer.



Donate Today!

Please click on our Funrasing button to see all of the exciting events coming up this year! We would love to see you all one or even all of them! 

If you would like to donate directly to Mandee's Lunch box, send checks or resturant gift cards valued at $10 to; Mandee's Lunchbox c/o Out of Our Minds Art Studio 65 S. Lea Street Macungie PA 18062

Contact Us

Mandee's Lunchbox

c/o Out of Our Minds Art Studio

65 S. Lea Street

Macungie, PA 18062

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